Magazine Restock!

Lots of awesome Cast Prix, Cast Size, Koi Men, and Layers in this week!

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Japan Trip Ordering! Shopping Service Announcement.

Hi, everyone! We’ll be headed to Japan again in a couple of weeks and will be restocking all of our musical/live stage merchandise, and would be happy to be your shopping service.

At this time, we can take custom orders for anyone that might have something in mind. This includes specific magazines, photobooks, DVDs, CDs, bromides, etc.

We will be going to the Seigaku vs Rikkai Tenimyu live, so we can pick up the programs, bromides, etc. The same for the Kuromyu live!

We will also be going to Marui Bunta’s live concert, and we can shop for the goods there as well. Those goods can be found here.

Any and all order requests can be sent to my e-mail, Payment will be on a person to person basis, as if you want to order more things, we can offer discounts!

All payments must be received in full (minus shipping costs, which will be figured out once we’re back in the USA!) by September 12th.

Thank you and I hope we can shop for you! <33

New Title – Stupid Gay Merman Book, by Gali

Available in both ebook and paperback!

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Jayden Cooper is the guy that constantly asks ‘how could this happen to me.’ It doesn’t matter how many times his therapist tells him to take a brighter outlook on life–it’s just not something that occurs to him when his dad bails on his family, his mother dies, and he ends up going to college for film when he’d much rather play with his punk band all day.


But at least there are good surf spots nearby.


That bodes well until Prince Eirene of Yubi washes up and out of the depths of the sea. There’s obviously something not right about him, but he’s the kind of guy that Jayden can’t just leave to wander around on the beach naked.


It also turns out that Eirene is a merman.


How could this happen, really?


Read Stupid Gay Merman Book by Gali!

New Title – Anemone, by Gali

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Blessed by their patron god, Ianthe, Audmor is a country that should be, by all means, flourishing. When an unusually cold winter rolls in from the mountains of Ileuadymn, however, it’s quite obviously that flourishing isn’t the name of the season. Emperor Llyr Durai immediately realizes something is wrong when his beloved god begins to weaken, but what is there for him to do when pinpointing the source is nigh impossible?

It’s up to Llyr as well as his sister and advisor, Lana (along with her trusted protege, Ryllie) to find out the cause of Ianthe’s deterioration before it’s too late. The sorcerers of Ileuadymn are not always forthcoming, unfortunately, and it isn’t as if everyone on Audmor’s side has the best of luck…

Read Anemone by Gali. Buy it today in both eBook and Softcover editions!

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